Funky Green Voodoo Knife Block


Buy the Stylish and Funky Green Voodoo Knife Block Today

The Funky Green Voodoo Knife Block is a knife block like no other. The shape of the Green Voodoo Knife Man comes the mind of iconic designer Raffaele Iannello. This Olive Voodoo Knife Set display is crafted from durable ABS coloured plastic that creates a brilliant green design, perfect if your'e looking for stylish kitchen accessories.

Both stylish and practical, this designer kitchen knife block is equipped with a non slip stand and a clever magnetic sheath system, meaning your Funky Olive Voodoo Knife Block, along with the professional grade knives won't be going anywhere. The blades themselves are crafted from Molybdenum and Vanadium stainless steel. Knives like these are sharper and more durable due to a higher wear and rust resistance, when compared to conventional stainless steel knives.

The Funky Green Voodoo Knife Blocks contemporary design makes it much more appealing than your conventional wooden knife block and the professional knives will make food preparation easier than ever.

Funky Green Voodoo Knife Block Details:

  • 1x Base unit
  • 1x Standing unit
  • 2x Fastening bolts
  • 1x Bread knife
  • 1x Carver / slicer
  • 1x Chef's knife
  • 1x Utility knife
  • 1x Paring knife
  • 5x Protective knife sheaths
  • Knife block: approximately 25.5cm (Dia.) x 38.5cm (H)
  • Bread knife: 33cm (L)
  • Carver / Slicer: 33cm (L)
  • Chef's knife: 33cm (L)
  • Utility knife: 24cm (L)
  • Pairing knife: 20cm (L)

Under 18's By purchasing this product you confirm that you are 18 years of age or older. Under current UK legislation it is an offence to sell knives and certain bladed or pointed articles to persons under 18 years of age. If you purchase this item with a credit/debit card that is available to under 18s, we will contact you to request proof of your age before your order is dispatched.